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Spending Time with God is like a “Date with God”. I call it a “Date with God” because I wanted it to be romantic so that you will understand how deep and important it is for a Home-Maker to establish a daily meeting with God. Having an intimate relationship with Him could change the way you think about everything. We call it in our church “Table For Two”. I meet up with God three times a day plus the quick prayers we have as a family every meal and other important situations of the day.

Am I too religious? Oh no, I’m not. Am I Miss Exaggerated? Of course not! Let me explain why I do this every single day, but before that let me tell you the three types of meetings I have with God every single day:

– My Personal Date with God (4:30 am)

– My Daily Bible Reading and Praying with my Spouse (8:00 am)

– Our Family’s Daily Reflection and Prayer (8:00 pm)

Your promises to me are my hope. They give me strength in all my troubles; how they refresh and revive me! – Psalm 119:49 (TLB)

It was not easy to establish these Habits but with God’s grace and a bucket of intention, it will come to place. I decided to do these things because I am emotionally weak, I am easily distracted with what I feel with whatever comes my way. Even with the simplest things like I forgot to put my son’s pen on his pencil case (I will be emotional all morning thinking I’m a failure, worried If he was able to write or will his classmates lend him or not). So in Physical Term, I was like easily sick and tired that’s why I must have a daily dose of vitamins and supplements to protect me from the flu and other diseases. And the Gospel is the best and inexpensive supplement we will ever have Spiritually. I also notice that I am more effective in the house and in our business If I have the Gospel in my heart because I will be reminded that everything I do is for the Lord. Also, I get to spend time together with my Spouse while we teach our kids how to establish their Daily Reflection with the Gospel.

1) My Personal Date with God (4:30am)

I do this when everybody is still sleeping so that I could spend time with God with undivided attention. While having a cup of coffee, I will meditate first for 3-5 minutes where I will call God’s presence to join me as I study His word. Then I will read a Devotion, Reflect on a Verse I picked and offer my prayers to Him and ask Him “What does He want me to do today?”. I also added a Habit to list down the people I know who needs God more than anyone else and pray for their request to God. Declaring Abundant Blessings, Protection, Healing, Restoration and Wisdom is the best way to claim that our God really works in our lives and to the people around us.

2) My Daily Bible Reading and Praying with my Spouse (8:00 am)

The reason why I don’t read at least a Chapter in the bible on my First Meeting with God because I wanted to wait for my husband to do this so that we could interact while we study the Gospel together. So by 5:30 am after my time with God, I will prepare the kids for school and by 6:30 am I will wake up my husband so that he could send the kids to school. Then, when he comes back we will take our breakfast together with our toddler and play with him before we study the Gospel. I will share with you in my future blogs about how we study the Word of God and How we pray through the Bible.

3) Our Family’s Daily Reflection and Request (8:00pm)

We do this before we cuddle and go to sleep. My kids have this habit where they will perform to us through dancing, acting, singing and even a Game Show connected to the Gospel before we start. I am so blessed that they are very artistic about writing their scripts and performing different themes every night. So our Reflection starts with memorizing a Verse from a card we created. When everybody is done memorizing, my husband will explain to us on how we could apply it in our daily lives. I’m glad that my kids don’t get bored in this kind of routine and they are eager to ask questions to fully understand the verse. (Thanks to our “Children’s Church”.) Then using their book (My First Bible and Prayers by Parragon Books Ltd), we will read one story and utter a prayer from the book. Everyone will add their personal prayers and the kids will never forget to ask God to give them good dreams!

Spending time with God | PolaRomero.com

I am not here to boast about our Spiritual Routine. I am just here to share that if we could do it, you could do it too on your own way! It is doable, trust me and I also want to encourage you to establish a Habit of Spending Time with God that will fit your family’s schedule and style. Remember, every Family is unique! Our family is not perfect and there are times that we miss to do these things but we make sure to cope up again the next day. Whether your family is in the season of Joy or maybe in a shaky depressing situation, you must know that establishing a “Habit of Spending Time with Him” will not only improve the quality of your life and the people around you but will also make you and your family more matured, stable in faith and more blessed! Always remember that our God is Able, He is Almighty, He Provides, Heals, Forgives, Protects and He delights with His children who put Him First above everything else. So whatever is going on with your mind right now, surrender it to Jesus and let Him take the wheel. Put your trust on Him. He died for us, He saved us from our sins and now He’s waiting for you. Can you give him at least a minute of your time? Let me end with this,

Those who are always meditating on His laws … are like trees along a river bank bearing fruit … they never wither and whatever they do prospers. – Psalm 1:2-3 (TLB)

Paula Patricia Romero
Paula Patricia is a happy wife and a full-time mom of 3 adorable kids (10, 7 and 2 years old). She is passionate in growing more like Christ and crafting a Gospel-Centered Home. Her ultimate goal is to grow closer to God, encouraging other moms to prioritize their main calling just like what is written in Titus 2.

Also one of her advocacies is to create a Ministry of "Christlike Mompreneurs" where mothers are able to have a personal relationship with God while earning and taking care of her household.

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